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Group Introduction

Sowotech group is a global leader in providing advanced equipment and high-tech information services for the electronic industry. Provide key process equipment and materials for global PCB manufacturers, IC substrate manufacturers, chip manufacturers and integrated circuit (IC) assembly plants.

Sowotech precision, which owns high-precision film coating equipment, Sowotech intelligence, which develops flexible intelligent production line solutions, Sowotech laser, which opens ultra-fine line maskless lithography equipment, and Huishi intelligence for AI visual inspection, designed and manufactured a complete plasma processing system (plasma) amput, and manufactured Swarovski new materials of high-quality rubber rollers, And Sowotech precision research specializing in high-precision parts.

Sowo “LDI” Series

Aurum XDAurum XPDAurum FD
Application areaHDI board, flexible boardIC carrier board, flexible boardHigh density board, ordinary flexible board
Applicable processInner layer, outer layer and resistance weldingInner layer, outer layer and resistance weldingInner layer, outer layer and resistance welding
Number of countertopsDouble tableDouble tableSingle table
Light source405nm laser405nm laser405nm laser
Capacity5 PNL/min 7000 PNL/22hr2.5 PNL/min 3300 PNL/22hr6 PNL/min 8000 PNL/22hr
Minimum linewidth201230
Outer pair accuracy±10±8±12
Inner pair accuracy201624
Maximum substrate635*815630*670635*815
Plate thickness range0.025~5.00.025~5.00.025~10.0


Automatic film applicator