Sowo group's digital transformation has been fully launched!


Looking back on 2021, Sowo group has made many major breakthroughs. Thanks to the joint efforts of all colleagues, the company has doubled its performance, improved management, gathered talents and high morale. With the rapid development of business and the rapid increase of operating revenue, the existing company system has been difficult to support the sustainable and rapid development of the company in the future, so the ERP system needs to be upgraded.
On the morning of December 6, 2021, Sowo group held an ERP project kick-off meeting, which was attended by group leaders, general managers of companies and key users of the system. The meeting mainly clarified the purpose and task of launching the ERP system, implemented the responsibilities of users in the implementation of ERP projects, unified ideas, and attracted everyone's great attention.



This meeting briefly reviewed the background of ERP system online implementation and reached several consensus:

First, through information construction, we need to break the information island and realize the connection of main business processes, so as to lay the foundation for rapid and accurate business decision-making and digital transformation; Second, fully realize that ERP tool is a double-edged sword, and we need to go all out; Third, the success of the project requires everyone to strictly abide by the rules and disciplines of ERP project work; Fourth, the ERP project itself has a certain complexity, so we should be prepared to work hard.


Xiao Jitang, ERP project director of Sowo group, delivered a speech


Speech by Zhang Biyu, the project director of Yongyou


President Xiao introduced the project organization and the responsibilities of the organization members in detail


Wang Tao, the project manager of Yongyou, introduced the main plan of project implementation and the guarantee of project success

Project team oath


I believe that in the process of digital transformation project operation of Sowo group and Yongyou, we will actively cooperate and work together to start with the end, so as to think more ways, less complaints and work together to ensure the success of this ERP project.

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