[Good start] Sowo group embarks on a new journey!


At the beginning of the Spring Festival, everything is renewed. On the eighth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, all Sowo people gathered together to solemnly hold the commencement ceremony of Sowo group in 2022. Chairman Wang Jianxun, leaders of all departments of the group, general managers of branches and CTOs attended.

The commencement ceremony was held in the way of praying to inherit the tradition and carry forward the spirit of the times. Wang Jianxun, chairman of the group, first led all employees to read the prayer. Under the auspices of director Wang, everyone read it in unison with full enthusiasm, grateful for the vast sky in a peaceful and prosperous era, the stable development environment given to us by our ancestors, and grateful for our work to make us more perfect, Thank customers for supporting our continuous growth.

In the full sense of ceremony, Mr. Wang took all the members of the group's leading group to burn incense and pray for blessings, and sent red envelopes to the employees.


Prayer reading


Incense ceremony


Whip gun


Mr.Wang distributed the red envelope for commencement


In this festive day, the leaders and colleagues of all departments and companies of the group pay homage to each other in their old age. All departments hold a camellia meeting to celebrate the auspicious start of the project. We bless each other, cheer on each other, tell about the goals and aspirations of the new year, and express our confidence in the next work and wish the group a better tomorrow! I believe that in the new year, all employees will work together to meet new challenges!

A new starting point for the new year

Pack up and start again

8th day of the first lunar month

Good start


Sowo goes on a new journey with you!

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