Lantern Festival - the auspicious year of the tiger, enjoy reunion.


The Lantern Festival, one of the traditional festivals in China, is also known as the Shangyuan Festival, the small first month, the new year's Eve or the Lantern Festival. The time is the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar every year.

The first month is the first month of the lunar calendar. The ancients called "night" as "Xiao". The fifteenth day of the first month is the night of the first full moon of the year, so it is called "Lantern Festival". The Lantern Festival custom has been dominated by the warm and festive lantern watching custom since ancient times.


The lantern festival mainly includes a series of traditional folk activities, such as appreciating lanterns, eating dumplings, guessing lantern riddles, setting off fireworks and so on.


Sowo Group wishes our friends a happy Lantern Festival, family reunion and happiness!

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