The combination of two swords opens the world, thinking about the past and looking forward to the future



On June 15, Guangdong Sowo group (hereinafter referred to as "Sowo group") and Guangdong Pangu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pangu information") signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the two sides will closely cooperate around the intelligent manufacturing operation management system of the PCB industry and jointly provide digital transformation solutions for the PCB industry.

Mr. Zhang Jian, COO of Pangu information, you Bitao, deputy general manager, Zhu Jie, sales director, Wang Jianxun, chairman of Sowo group, Wang Jialin, executive deputy general manager, Rao Jian, deputy general manager of marketing, Hu Yuhua, deputy general manager of operation, Zhang Chengxuan, general manager of SiVo intelligence, Li Jiawei, deputy director of sales of Sowo  intelligence, Xu Zude, deputy director of marketing center Shi Shuguo, manager of marketing department, and Li Liangyan, director of strategic promotion center attended the signing ceremony.


Wang Jianxun, chairman of Sowo group, and Wang Jialin, executive vice president of Sowo group, respectively extended warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to president Zhang and vice president you of Pangu information for their visit.

After a short and cordial conversation, the two sides conducted in-depth communication on the situation and future development strategy of their respective companies, and discussed and exchanged the current development status of PCB industry.

President Zhang, COO of Pangu information, explained the way of cooperation between the two sides

The appointment of a gentleman, the future can be expected!

  Under the overall trend of global PCB industry transferring to Asia, China's PCB industry has shown explosive growth in just a few years. At present, China has become the largest PCB producer in the world. On the whole, though the number of local PCB enterprises is large, its scale and technology level still have a certain gap compared with those of foreign-funded enterprises in Chinese mainland. The steady growth of the industry and the huge market demand have brought a lot of opportunities and challenges to domestic PCB enterprises. At the same time, the information construction of PCB industry is about 5-10 years later than 3C, semiconductor and other industries. At present, it is in the initial stage. The next 2-3 years is the key period of enterprise digital transformation. Who completes the digital transformation first will be more competitive in the industry.

Pangu information is a professional intelligent manufacturing system R & D and integration solution service provider. Ims-mom is a manufacturing operation management system developed with the support of the national Encore plan. It can not only provide standard functional modules across industries, but also provide efficient personalized customization services. Advanced platform architecture and modular products will enable enterprises of different sizes of PCB to realize digital transformation and realize independent management of enterprise digital systems The manufacturing process can be controlled, visible, traceable information can be queried with one click, so as to improve the quality and efficiency, reduce the cost and save for the enterprise. He has served many large listed companies and is the leader in the industry!


Consultant Yang, a senior expert of Pangu: carefully explain the transformation of digital chemical plant!

As a professional high-tech enterprise in the field of electronic industry, Sowo group has focused on special film applicators and supporting equipment for PCB, FPC and IC carrier for decades, mainly providing professional overall solutions for yellow light process and automation for large electronic enterprises at home and abroad. It mainly focuses on the R & D and sales fields of PCB industry, film applicator, vacuum project, exposure machine, automation and overall solutions.

Sowo people have focused on PCB and related fields for decades and are willing to be the "invisible champion" of the industry. Sowo has strong independent R & D strength, has won the "national high-tech enterprise" and "Guangdong Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit", and has nearly 200 patents. It has established a professional and efficient marketing team with high-quality customer groups, and has accumulated a lot of brand influence in the PCB field.



Pangu expert advisory group, go deep into the scene and point Petrochemical gold!

"I am very glad to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Pangu information," said Wang Jianxun, chairman of Sowo group. "Sowo group integrates PCB digital transformation solution service providers to jointly enable PCB enterprises to realize digital transformation and improve market competitiveness. We look forward to the resource integration of Sowo group and Pangu information to achieve a win-win situation".          


Wang Jianxun, chairman of Sowo, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhang Jian, COO of Pangu and awarded the medal


  "Sowo group is a powerful enterprise in the PCB industry for many years. We are very honored to reach strategic cooperation with Sowo group," said Zhang, COO of Pangu information "Helping PCB enterprises with digital transformation, building digital intelligent factories, making product quality more stable, production more efficient, market response faster and production and operation costs lower are the direction of Pangu information. We look forward to our cooperation to bring better experience to enterprises.

"Product first, customer service and common growth with customers" is the business philosophy jointly upheld by both parties!


    Subsequently, the two sides held a simple and solemn signing and awarding ceremony, and visited the factory. Pangu's expert consultant team put forward practical and reasonable suggestions on the existing problems of Sowo.



Pangu senior experts give lectures on site and give careful guidance!

Through the signing of this strategic cooperation, the two sides will integrate their respective resource advantages, carry out close cooperation around the intelligent manufacturing operation management system of PCB industry, accelerate the digital transformation and development of PCB industry, jointly create a new scene of PCB Digital Intelligent factory, realize resource sharing and win-win cooperation!

As the saying goes: if brothers are united, their profits will break the gold!

I believe that the future of Sowo and Pangu is brilliant!
The day after tomorrow will be more beatuiful!



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