Sowo group ▪ Guangdong Taixu legal authorization ceremony was a complete success



Sowo group ▪ Guangdong Taixu

The legal authorization ceremony was a complete success



Sowo group ▪ Guangdong Taixu

    On the afternoon of June 2, 2021, the legal authorization ceremony between Sowo group and Guangdong Taixu law firm (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Taixu) was officially held in Dongguan, and the two sides reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. Guangdong Taixu will provide Sowo group with professional legal advice and other legal related business support. Sowo group will provide legal authorization to Guangdong Taixu law firm for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation!

Sowo people adhere to the concept of "honest operation and win-win cooperation", adhere to the bottom line and criterion of the law, know and abide by the law, and use the sharp sword of the law to escort the healthy and good operation of the group!


On the left is lawyer Pei of Guangdong Taixu, and on the right is vice president Wang of Sowo group


From the left are director Li of Sowo group, Guangdong taixuyang lawyer, Pei lawyer and Wang vice president of Sowo group


Legal training, knowledge sharing

Teaching and learning benefit from each other and in-depth cooperation. Guangdong Taixu carefully brought a legal knowledge popularization training for Sowo group, and Sowo employees actively participated in and studied seriously.


The training covers relevant laws and regulations such as contract law, labor law and civil code, as well as classic case sharing.


Taking what is the law as the starting point, the lawyer of taixuyang, Guangdong, combined with the actual case handling experience and even the legal problems easily encountered in daily life, elaborated the relevant legal provisions in detail; From professional theoretical knowledge, legal principles, legal provisions and contract terms, and then to the actual handling of specific cases and the details of the litigation process, it is like a few treasures.
How to do what you mentioned? For specific business issues such as actual rights protection, lawyer Pei also put forward targeted and reasonable suggestions, provided us with practical and operable guidance, and played a good guidance and demonstration for the operation of legal issues involved in the future work of Sowo employees.


Knowing and abiding by the law and safeguarding rights and interests

After the meeting, lawyer Pei, on behalf of Guangdong Taixu law firm, was full of confidence in the future cooperation between the two sides and said that he would create a "window" to provide the most comprehensive, professional and intimate legal services for every Sowo person.


Sowo students said that the training on law popularization was full of harvest, and they were confused about the legal issues in doubt at work. In their daily work in the future, they should learn to "transpose thinking", understand reason, and remember and abide by the principles of laws and regulations; In case of legal problems, learn to take up legal weapons and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company and itself!

Let's Siwo people know and abide by the law.

Hold the sword of the law and defend the legitimate rights and interests!


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