Holding the sword hanging from the top, the sword points to the sky; With a highly effective teacher, you can attack the enemy in a powerful manner



All things are of the same origin and attract because of the same;
Thousands of people and thousands of faces grow up because of differences and sublimate because of integration!
On May 14, all middle and senior managers of Sowo group collectively accepted a cultural feast! Everyone immersed in the simple and easy classroom of Ma Fengwu of Changsong consulting company, kept an empty cup mentality and devoted themselves to the discussion and study of efficient team management.
"Tired or not, it depends on the state; who is not in the state, who is the most tired!" Mr. Ma's humorous words opened our journey of knowledge!


We re recognize culture, "externalized in form and internalized in heart"
The power of culture moistens things silently
Use the atmosphere to influence people and use the atmosphere to promote people
Corporate culture should eventually be transformed into employees' behavior,
Bit by bit, deliver Sowo spirit to internal and external customers!
Studied relevant culture and landing tools, and practiced the team's "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces".


       Mr. Ma guided us to have a new understanding of management:
The essence of management: manage things and manage people's hearts
Managing relationships between people
As a manager, employees are allowed to try and make mistakes. Give subordinates space and time to grow;
As a manager, we should understand human nature, know people and be good at their duties, so as to achieve great achievements!
At the same time, stimulate the desire and ambition of employees, encourage employees to try and make breakthroughs.
Only by effectively integrating personal goals and organizational goals, can we really achieve: I win, you win and everyone wins.
Chairman Wang Jianxun said: "on the road of change, each of us should have the mentality of" thirst for knowledge "and" empty cup ", run fast in small steps, and finally realize the" flywheel effect "; People can only "know what they don't know and know how to make progress", find the gap with the goal, practice the basic skills hard, consolidate the basic plate, keep learning and improve! As the manager of Soo, we should practice it, bow down to the Bureau, be close to the business, serve customers (internal and external customers), and achieve everything if we achieve ourselves! "


 Only when there is pressure can there be motivation, only when there is motivation can there be vitality, and only when there is vitality can there be creativity
The whole training and discussion is carried out in the PK of the red and blue army. The internal pressure and external competition make the thoughts collide with the sparks of passion


Management should be institutionalized and the system should be process oriented
The process should be formalized and the form should be digitized
Management is divorced from data and can only talk about mood
Performance communication without data is all hooliganism
There will be a will to die, and the scholar has no desire to steal life
What kind of team you want, create what kind of atmosphere
Time flies, and I don't realize that the training is coming to an end
A ceremonial farewell is still necessary
We collectively revisit the "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces"
Praise with chieftain applause
Thank our Mr. Ma and Mr. Sun for giving us Sowo people the way to operate a knife.
We believe that: the Xiongguan pass is like iron, and now we step over from the beginning;
Hold the sword hanging from the top and make an iron and steel teacher!

I Came. I Saw. I Conquer!



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