May · decrypt happiness



One flower, one world, one book for spring and autumn
In May, youth is like fire;
In May, a hundred flowers bloom.
Jasmine Blossom, gardenia fragrance

Welcome a warm mother's day.


On the afternoon of May 8, the company organized the general manager reception day and the employee birthday party in May. Ms. Xu Hui from Kunshan came to the beautiful Songshan Lake and opened our happiness password with you. Wang Jianxun, chairman of the company, said: Welcome! Here, we will start Sowo's future and beautiful life together! The activity is carried out in a pleasant atmosphere, reviewing the ups and downs of Sowo, and chatting about the blueprint for a better future
At present, the company is experiencing the moment of secondary entrepreneurship, organizational change and cultural reconstruction, and faces many challenges. We are from all over the world. We hope to spend a good time together on the platform of Sowo!


In terms of work and life, we put forward some valuable opinions and suggestions, "I'm getting fat", "the dishes are a little spicy", "add ice", "when will the future training and league construction activities be organized, we're in a hurry", "how to do a good job in parent-child education" and so on On the questions raised by everyone, President Wang gave detailed answers and pleasant communication one by one! President Wang said: life is a stormy road. Thank our mother for giving us strength and warmth. I also wish the mothers here a happy holiday and our mothers a happy holiday!


The future journey requires every Sowo person to make unremitting efforts and struggle to combine personal career development with the company's business objectives. The company will also provide more training and promotion opportunities in the future; I hope all of you and our colleagues here will change from self winding people to business partners.

When people gather money, diligence can make up for weakness! Improve our learning ability and build our own talent echelon. All of you here are the mainstay of Sowo. I also hope you can convey the voice and aspirations of the company to every colleague around you. Let's move forward together to a better future!

Our goal: improvement and continuous improvement; Learn and grow together!


     In a cheerful rhythm
Our birthday stars in May are shining on the stage

Laughter, games


    President Wang has carefully prepared a "happiness code" for everyone to decrypt the happiness of life. He expects the birthday stars to reshape our learning culture by circulating, understanding and sharing happiness chapters. The "Book Dismantling Gang" will become a scenic spot of Sowo!


President Wang presented exquisite gifts to the lovely birthday stars.


Accept the power and love of your parents,
Is the source of success and happiness in life!


Think and understand, and you will be thousands of miles away


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